World record #DODZHGORILLA

July 15, 2017 in Vologda, the Great Russian Wall(Dodge Gorilla) was measured, assembled on components of KICX company, in DB BATTLE competition format in the class of Sound Cruiser MTM-PRO 12v.
Measurement was carried out at a distance of 3 meters, according to the rules of the competition in both DB BATTLE format and MTM-World format (Brazil).
#DODGEGORILLA showed a result of 149 db, which at this moment is a WORLD RECORD!

The special feature is the fact that the entire system does not feed from high-voltage sources, but from usual car batteriy with voltage is 12 volts.
From our heart we congratulate the champion - Ded Vitos (Vitaly Davydich), who built this record "Great Russian Wall"! Thank you all for your support! We wish everyone to achieve better results!