On sale subwoofers models PRO 382, PRO 302 and STQ 382

Line of subwoofers open type, which have a dual voice coil with resistance (2+2) Ohm, filled with new items.
On sale subwoofer model STQ 382 size 15" (380mm). Nominal/maximum power of the new model is 500 and 1000 Watts respectively.
Fans of SPL will surely appreciate the new series subwoofers PRO. Model PRO 382 size 15" (380 mm) capable of developing rated power at 1700Ватт and produce peak 3400Ватт, model PRO 302 size 12" (305mm) capable of developing rated power at 1200Ватт and produce peak 2400Ватт.
When designing new products the company's engineers KICX paid special attention to the transmission of low frequencies with minimal distortion and stable operation of the device at low impedance to the declared load.