On sale professional power cable KICX

On sale professional power cable KICX models PPC-015R, PPC-015B ( caliber 0AWG, Bay 15 meters) and PPC-430R, PPC-430B ( caliber 4AWG Bay 30 meters). Power cables primarily designed for the catering when you install a powerful car amplifiers.
Explorer all models are made of pure oxygen free copper ( copper content of 99.99%). This conductor provides excellent conducting, the minimum loss factor across the length of the cable and in the joints and low heating at high currents. Another advantage of the new cables is a flexible transparent insulation, which makes it easy to bend the cable at any angle and at different temperatures ( including freezing) when laying in tight tunnels and places. Details here.



Also in sale new universal flask holder for fuse type AGU model HAG48P. The body of the product made of a solid cast bulb of heavy-duty plastic with mounting incoming/outgoing cable under the screw in the ends . The lack of plastic spiral elements at the ends of the flask to fix the cable minimizes the possibility of breaking the lugs of the flask with possible heavy vibration when driving. Details here.