In sale model VC-130

In sale active video switch KICX model VC-130.

The main purpose of the new device - the organization of up to 4 additional video inputs on the head unit of the car to connect to various video devices (TV tuner, monitor, DVD/multimedia player, DVR, navigation box, camera front or rear view, etc.).

The switch is connected to any free line input of the head unit or the cable is open regular rear view camera.

Innovative solution to use the regular video cable rear view camera for obtaining a video signal on the prescribed head unit in the car in the absence of additional video inputs for the first time presented in the Russian market in the form of the finished finished product.

Convenient three-button wired remote allows the end-user is forced to select any of 4 connected sources. This maintains the priority of automatic switching on regular, rear view camera when reverse gear. Provides wiring diagram for switch for vehicles with the standard camera, which is activated and controlled by signals from CAN-bus.

The panel is equipped with led indication of the currently selected video source CH1-CH4 power indicator and a button on/off on/OFF main unit switch.

The remote can be mounted on double-sided adhesive tape or left loose, cable length 2 meter allows you to set the panel in any convenient for the driver location on the front panel, next to the head unit in the glovebox or in the armrest.

The device has memory of the last activated video source before turning off the ignition. At power on, the switch will automatically turn on the video input, which has been forcibly selected by the user last.

On the main unit of the switch provides terminal output voltage +12B, which can be used to power the connected video source. You will not need to further waste time turning on/off the video source, because the voltage at these terminals automatically appears when you turn on the main unit switcher with remote control.

Video sources connecting audio channel is provided through a standard AUX input that comes with more than 95% of modern head units. However, before installing you must check the availability of this input to Your head unit.

Video VC-130 is a development of the company KICX Inc.

Patent No. 2012158252.