The first subwoofer top of the line TORNADO SOUND from Kicx.

Powerful, reliable, with a nominal capacity of 2000 WATTS, these subwoofers perfectly proved itself in a demo-caret Kicx Hammer. By testing throughout the year in our demo car, we have introduced a number of innovative and innovative solutions, making this product even more reliable and technically perfect.

Rated power of the subwoofer 2000 watts, and the maximum is 4000 W, which together with the retail price puts it out of competition in the market of car audio.


In addition to the power and subwoofer Sound Tornado 12 has a number of technical advantages:

  • The rubber cover on the magnet
  • Cast basket with trapezoidal cutouts closed protective ventilation grids
  • The diffuser made of cellulose
  • Suspension polyurethane foam, providing great speed and reliability
  • Durable double layer washer with clamping ring
  • Stitched lead wires
  • Keyless connectors

Subwoofers are perfect for everyday use and for competitions. A powerful magnetic system and a deep, clear and rich bass. The Speaker settings allow you to select the optimal acoustic design.

The model shows 2 types of speakers: with coil 2+2th and coil 1+1ω. Also available kits for the subwoofer that allows you to experiment with it without fear.