Passive subwoofer KICX in a closed acoustic design.

On sale passive subwoofer KICX in a closed acoustic design. Model SL 250B.

The new device has the original acoustic design in the form of "triangle" and a fairly compact size - 460 mm x 220 mm x 340 mm (LxWxH). When speaker size 10" (254mm) subwoofer capable of delivering rated power and 200vatt 400Ватт peak at a load of 4 ohms. The rear wall of the device has a vertical tilt angle equal to 21 degrees. According to the research engineers of the Corporation KICX, this is the angle of the rear backrest of the passenger seat are more than 95% of produced cars. Accordingly, in most cases, the subwoofer can be installed close to the back of the passenger seat back, thereby saving precious storage space in the trunk. The same angle of inclination of the rear walls of the box in the near future will have the subwoofers models STC 300B, STQ 300B and 300B ALN.