The distinctive characteristics of the models 4.160 QS M QS Black edition and 4.160

  QS 4.160 M Black Edition QS 4.160 M
Remote controller + -
The adder outputs and inputs + -
Advanced filters to 5000 Hz (X10 multiplier) + -
Subsonic In group A and In no
Gain 0.2 V-6V 0.2 V-5V
Bass booster 30-90 Hz / 0-12dB 30-90 Hz / 0-18dB

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How does the BP-LP?

Mode BP LP included simultaneous work subsonic and LPF filter.

Has been modified from the circuitry of amplifier?

Yes, the circuitry 4.160 M black edition has been modified to improve sound quality and different from the previous version of this model.

Has been modified from the dimensions of the amplifier?

No, the dimensions were not changed.