Announcing the winners of the contests KICX!

Thank you to all the participants and Your support groups!
The jury determined the winners they are:

Nomination "The Best Installation"

1st place - Yevgeny Krikunov
2 place - Vladimir Pugachev
3 place - Nikolay Mikhailov

Nominated for "Best sound"

1st place - TLTeam, Evgeny and Anton
2nd place - Vladimir Parshin
3rd place - Suresh of Halilulik

Nomination "Miss KICX"

Participant 3

Attention! Request to all winners: up to 21 October 2013 inclusive, to contact the contest administration by email konkurs@kicx.ruin the letter necessarily specify the coordinates to contact You:

  • Postal address with index
  • Contact phone with a city code