New amplifiers KICX series RTS - line of 2010

Sale of new amplifiers KICX series RTS - line of 2010.

In the new line of amplifiers KICX all controls and connections are on one side. This circuit design simplifies the installation and configuration of the amplifier and saves time to the installer. Power RTS 2.60 - 2х60Вт RMS on 4Ома, for 4 channel model RTS 4.60 it is 4х60Вт RMS on 4Ома. The amps come with adjustable crossover bass and treble with outside frequency 50-250Hz, Boston stepped 0-6-12 dB bass/60Hz, entrances of level of loudspeakers (in addition to RCA), and even have remote volume control included.

In December it is planned to start sales of 2 new models of RTS and RTS 4.100 2.100

Amplifiers RTS - specifications