New subwoofer Kicx line Z

Kicx ZM-12



We don't go over the ears is loud. We offer you with a really loud subwoofer and proper bass!

Unlike some modern brands, we believe that the main audio is not advertising, and competent technical approach. We have carefully chosen components and the internal geometry "engine", the only way were able to achieve combinations of parameters which Kicx ZM-12 works well in a bass reflex enclosure of small volume and thus provides significant acoustic amplification. This means that you don't need a heavy duty amp to get mighty deep bass. Application stamped steel basket allowed to make Kicx ZM-12 available, but at the expense of extra punch she competes in hardness with massive cast baskets. 2.5-inch voice coil of the proper length, wound with the correct wire, correct hangers with large linear stroke and the correct application of adhesives and materials – all part of the reliability Kicx ZM-12.

Throw overspend, changing other subwoofers, just start to enjoy the correct and powerful bass along with Kicx ZM-12!





Your quest is over. Kicx ZT-12 is not just a well-designed speaker. This is the meanest subwoofer you can find for the money!

Motor Kicx ZT-12 is built on quality ferrite magnet with a diameter of 170 mm and a height of 50 mm. Before such can be found only in more expensive subwoofers. Total speaker weight – 10 kg! Thick lead wires, and improved heat resistance 2.5-inch voice coil subwoofer makes the extremely reliable, it is easy to digest even serious power above par. Upper suspension and spider is within the capability of the magnetic system – they provide high linearity of mechanical characteristics throughout the operating stroke and the soft limit in extreme conditions. Special embossed coating on the diffuser protects it from moisture, but also performs an acoustic function DAMPS the border layer of air, thereby dampens its own overtones and works effectively at reducing distortion.

We have much to be proud of. A sound approach to the design helped to create a truly the best subwoofer in its price!