A new series of high-tech car speaker KICX EX!

A new series of high-tech car speaker KICX EX includes 3 models of 2-way coaxial system( 130mm, 165mm and 6x9") and one 2-component set of size 165mm. Universal, working from the head unit and external amplifier acoustics EX developed by Korean engineers of the Corporation KESH on the latest kontrrazvedchik stamped from thick metal baskets and extra-strong, reinforced with carbon fiber, polypropylene diffusers. With a standard installation depth and a powerful magnet, speakers in this series have a high sensitivity and minimal non-linear distortion.

Tweeters new systems of small-sized (for the component model EX 165.2 them easy to put in regular places), but, again, with the latest technology of fabrication of membranes, possess high return with minimum dissonances play different genres of music. The physical properties known in the cost of goods material HF membranes of PEI allow you to obtain a natural sound quality of a silk membrane in the high frequency range and uniform frequency response in the region of 16-20 kHz, similar to titanium or mierovej membranes.

In terms of the uneven frequency response of this series is not inferior to more expensive counterparts.
The EX series will go on sale in the Russian market in the second half of March. Details here.