The other day in the sale of 2 models of amplifiers KICX class D

The days will go on sale in 2 models the newest series AD digital, broadband, ultra-compact and economical amplifiers KICX class D.
Fully digital circuitry allowed the highest efficiency ( over 85%) to obtain from tiny ( the size of a regular sheet of paper of format A4) of the highest power output.
1-channel amplifier AD 1.400 has a nominal capacity of 1х400Ватт load 4Ома and can operate stably when the load 1Ома "giving the mountain" 1 kilowatt long-term capacity. The amplifier has an adjustable crossover for the low frequencies, subsonica, photocorrection and remote adjustable bass booster.

4-channel amplifier 4.100 AD has a nominal capacity of 4х100Ватт load 4Ома (or 2х200Ватт in bridge connection), and can operate stably at a load of 2 ohms with a rated output power 4х200Ватт. The amplifier is equipped with adjustable filters low and high frequencies, the switch being able to operate 2 or 4 channel and separate entrances of high level. Specially for amplifier 4.100 AD was developed by a 2-position adjustable bass booster, with which the end user can adjust not only the bass, but the quality and ( make a low and assertive, or soft and unobtrusive).