World record #DOGGERELL

15.07.2017 year in Vologda is dimensioned great Russian wall, collected on the components of the company KICX format of the competition BATTLE DB in the Sound class Cruiser MTM-PRO 12v.
The measurement was conducted at a distance of 3 meters, according to the rules of the competition as in the DB format BATTLE, and in the format of MTM-World (Brazil).
#DODGEGORILLA showed the result of 149 db, which is currently the WORLD RECORD!

A special feature is the fact that feeds the whole system not from sources of high voltage, and battery voltage which is 12 volts.
Heartily congratulations to the champion - Grandfather of Vicosa (Vitaly Davydychev), who built this record "Great Russian wall"! Thank you all for the support! We wish you all better results!