The line of accessories KICX received replacements.

The line of accessories KICX received replacements.

On sale new kits for amplifiers professional plan AK4ANL2 and AK4ANL4. Both models are equipped with power, acoustic, balanced cables and wires from pure oxygen-free copper (content of 99.9%) c soft transparent insulation. Powerful fuse type ANL for 120A allows you to connect amplifiers with a total capacity of up to 1200Ватт.

Also pay attention to professional speaker wire in coils of pure oxygen-free copper ( content of 99.9%) c soft transparent insulation and marking of poles every 0.5 m SC series . The range consists of 5 positions:10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 16GA,18GA. Clicking on a caliber, You will be able to connect and get a clean distortion-free sound for the most simple speakers of small capacity and most powerful subwoofers.

From other innovations it should be noted the RCA cables and splitters series AR and DR with a conductor of pure copper. The main feature for both rulers are short connectors that allows to connect the amplifier to the head unit in case of limited installation space.

6RCA-6RCA interconnect cable MTR65 will allow you to easily connect a 5 or 6 channel amplifier to the head unit with just one cable .

Introduced 2 new models of level converters with function adjustable range of input sensitivity and automatic switch-on/off - HL370 ( 4-channel amp) and HL380 ( 2-channel amp).

New car video splitter VA800 with per channel adjustment of output levels allows you to connect up to 4 external monitors to the main unit via RCA inputs.