Company Emirates Group continues to introduce new products which we proudly present in this year's exhibition, MMAC

SENSATION!!!! Kicx introduced a new line of Hi-End amplifiers with processor DSP, a special limited edition SC (Sound Civilization), which is one of the leading places in the lineup in 2013.

It is no secret that the market leaders in the field of audio is almost not produce head units with time delays of the signal and, moreover, even the expensive regular multimedia / navigation devices typically do not have full DSP. The KICX brand announces the launch in 2013 of a new unique product.

The SC amps are not at all external regulators, all control is internal programmable DSP processor DAC 24 bit / 192 kHz, memory units and programmable special external processor-programmer.

In this form, programmed for a specific interior cabin space, the amplifiers will be sold through authorized installation centers working with authorized dealers KICX.
The new technology allows to reduce the complexity and minimize installation errors (e.g. an error when tweeters are insufficient, from the point of view of the buyer, the level of bass settings at the time of work, etc.) due to the programmable built-in digital EQ processor to the amplifier.
The programmer connects to the amps via a standard network RJ-45 connector and programming settings of the amplifier is carried out with a PC through the built-in programmer module Wi-Fi. Developed a line of eight unique products that span a wide power range.

"MIAS'2012" will continue until September 9. We are waiting for you in our stand IEC "Crocus Expo" pavilion 3 , Hall 15, place D152.