Now Hi-End amplifiers KICX with DSP processor special limited edition SC (Sound Civilization) to new equipment!

  1. Amplifier
  2. DRC-4 the receiver is RFC-2
  3. WAP-2 programmer
for SC amplifiers
All amplifiers Sound Civilization now with WAP-2 modules remote controls and presets.
  • The SC amps don't have external regulators. The control is performed with an internal programmable DSP processor DAC 25 bit/192 kHz, memory units and programmable special external processor-programmer.
  • Wireless keychain DRC-4 is used to switch between the 4 stored in memory amplifier user settings. Receiver for radio RFC-2 is connected to the input RJ-45 amplifier after the process of programming and acts as the wireless receiver from the remote control DRC-4.
❗WAP-2 - Wi-Fi adapter/programmer for SC amplifiers, the input RJ-45
This line of amplifiers you can purchase it from the official representatives in your region.
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