The company KICX has prepared another novelty for fans of loud sound. On sale full range speakers (midrange) EX6 (size 165mm nominal/maximum power 75/150Ватт), EX8 (size 200mm, nominal/maximum power 125/250vatt) and EX10 (size 254mm, nominal/maximum power 150/300Ватт).

Due to recent technological developments engineers KICX managed to achieve an outstanding sensitivity of all the speaker series, which reaches 94-95дБ/W/m. This feature allows for connection of the speakers directly to the head unit of the car, however, most fully their sonic potential of the dynamics reveals when connected to an external power amp.

Cast aluminum basket provides excellent anti-resonant properties of the system. Lightweight but sturdy at the same time a diffuser of cellulose impregnated with waterproofing on the suspension of the special wave-shaped design of reinforced fabric works from the powerful voice coils and magnets. The use in the design phase-equalizing bullet provides accurate and clear transmission of the entire audible range of middle frequencies. Each speaker has its own individual packaging that enables the end buyer to buy the required number of speakers.