For fans of extreme car audio brand Kicx tweeters is 36 DTC and DTC 50

DTC 36

DTC 50


For fans of extreme car audio brand Kicx is:

1) high-Frequency high-power speaker with a titanium cone and the exponential horn model DTC 36.

2) high-Frequency speaker high-power with titanium diffuser equalizer and phase corrector direction ("bullet") in the focus of speaker models DTC 50.

New items allow you to:

  • quickly get the tonal balance between the upper band and subbases for use in any vehicle subwoofer systems;
  • to reduce dynamic distortion fans use the treble control or equalizer. With a completely flat frequency response of the system high-frequency tweeters new now, just enough to set the position of the tone control to 0;
  • to reduce the audibility of potential RF interference in the tract, now the high frequencies to emphasize not required, they will be enough for any listener to "play Pozvoni";
  • and finally, just to impress those around monolith vibrant design in the spirit of high end.

Hurricane high pass is guaranteed!!! Be the first among equals with a King Size tweeters 36 DTC and DTC 50!!!