Disco in the trunk

Engineers KICX created interesting new car, which recently went on sale in the Russian market – slot Cabinet active three-band car music center model EX12BPA86with built-in MP3 player with SD/MMC and USB slots and AUX input supports MP4 or MP5.
Part of three-way speaker system comprises of a subwoofer size 12" (305mm), speaker size 4,5" (115mm) and horn tweeter speaker size is 4.5" (115mm).
Music center can work not only as part of and in conjunction with other established car speakers from the head unit of the car, but as a separate device. For these purposes the special switch, which switches the device to offline mode. Built-in MP3 player with SD/MMC and USB slots allows you to listen to your favorite songs stored on SD/MMC or USB media. AUX input supports MP4 or MP5 allows you to connect additional audio playback without using a car head unit.
Convenient remote control working on the infrared channel allows to control the built-in MP3 player. Depending on the installation location of the infrared receiver You can control the player directly from the car ( when installed in the cabin) or even from the street ( installation option next to the device with the trunk open). The package includes all the necessary wires to connect .
Innovative solution on the various options for the use of music automotive center EX12BPA86 will definitely attract attention and make you think about the purchase first and foremost lovers of on the nature or on the beach.