dB Battle of 12-13 June 2015.

12 June in the city of Donetsk in the Rostov region will take place the opening of competition in car audio, a new format based in Russia – dBBattle.

This format of car competitions on unlimited sound pressure based in Russia on the basis of years of experience the team of organizers has already been developed and successfully conducted one of the most famous international formats in Russia. The major purpose is the determination of the loudest car audio systems.

The new format of the competition will not leave you indifferent. Will give first time participants to feel the power, strength, faith, or strengthen the already achieved results.
Simple rules that are understandable to everyone and does not have dual interpretations, minimizing any violation on the part of participants and any omissions on the part of judges.

From 12 to 13 June at the site you will find: positive sea measurements of sound pressure, the demonstration of tuning, contests with valuable prizes from the General partner, a leader in the auto sound company Kicx, really cool cars, not really a loud sound, a charming dancer Go Go, the performance of the leading Dj, great mood and much more. At the end of the first competition day will invite everyone to an unforgettable night party to the best recreation in the area! the next day at the stadium competitions continue. This day will be a prize draw among the tickets bought. At 22:00 salute.

For spectators entrance fee is 100 virtually any, for children up to 10 years the entrance is free for participants – 500 virtually any.!

kicx.ru dbbattle.com vk.com/kicxrussia vk.com/dbbattle