5 new models EX series

The range of active subwoofer KICX EX series in acoustic design has been joined by 5 new models with built-in subwoofers the size of 12" (305mm).
The pioneer line is the subwoofer EX12BA76D with two built-in case speakers. The front panel of the enclosure are decorated with high quality leatherette. Both speakers are protected by grills-arcs from possible damage by large objects.
Subwoofer model EX12BA76 with one built-in speaker case is made in the same design and is the "younger brother" model EX12BA76D .
Subwoofer model EX12BA77differs from the model EX12BA76design. In the package of this device includes all the necessary wires to connect.
The subwoofer enclosure type "Polotnova" model EX12BA90recommended to listen to the dynamic music genres and has 2 bumpers.
For lovers of maximum space in the trunk of a car are subwoofer models EX12BA83 in a compact loudspeaker design. The size of The device is 570х235х385мм. The package of this device includes all the necessary wires for connection and remote volume control.
Built-in amplifiers all the new models are fitted with adjustable low-pass filter 50-250Hz and an additional lifting scheme bass 0-12dB.