ALN 300

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Technical features

The solution medium price class for a closed box and reflex. More than modest dimensions of the boxes (for "12-gauge") allow you to use the speaker in the most professional installation, without causing alarm for decrease in customer luggage compartment. High sensitivity also allows the use of ALN 300 in a vehicle with a low power oscillator and a small battery. Recommended amplifier power - 2x100 watts or 400 watts bridge for monoblock D-class. Aluminium diffuser and a cast basket.


Model Name ALN 300
Size, inches (mm) 12" (305)
Material diffuser aluminum
Rated power, W 300
Maximum power, W 600
The size of the magnet 156x80x15mm
The weight of the magnet, oz (g) 37x2 (2152)
The voice coil subwoofer 50mm BAEISV
Frequency response, Hz 30-600
Sensitivity, dB /W /m 91
Impedance, Ohm 4
The resonance frequency Fs, Hz 30
Vas, L 58,45
Qms 5,583
Qts 0,428
Qes 0,464
Xmax, mm 5
The recommended amount of net Wl, l 29
The recommended amount of FFL Net, l 39
The recommended size of the port, diameter (mm) x length (mm) 120x 200
Weight, g 5665
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