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Technical features

Active subwoofer in the housing


Model Name ICQ 250BA
Size, inches (mm) 10" (254)
Rated power, W 200
Maximum power, W 400
Magnet size 126x60x20mm
Magnet weight, oz (g) 33 (945)
Subwoofer's voice coil 50mm KSV
Frequency response, Hz 25-600
Sensitivity, dB /W /m 89

Impedance, Ohm

Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 36
Subwoofer weight, g 3132
Input high and low yes
Adjustable low pass filter, Hz 50 ~ 200
Adjustable bass booster 0 ~ 18 dB /45Hz
Input sensitivity controller, V 0,2-12
Fuse, A 1x15
Amplifier power rated, W 120
Net, L 12,76
Bass reflex No
Dimensions (WxHxL) mm: 310x295x330
Weight, kg 10,8
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