STQ 300

id: 2013301

Technical features

It is a development of the STC model has an increased capacity and an equally versatile settings for different acoustic design.


Model Name STQ 300
Size, inches (mm) 12" (305)
Diffuser material polypropylene injection die-casting
Suspension material butyl
Basket cast Steel
Rated power, W 400
Maximum power, W 800
Magnet diameter, mm 140
Magnet weight, oz (g) 2x40 (2x1145)
Voice coil diameter, ounces (mm) 2" (50mm) KSV, double
Frequency response, Hz 30-1800

Sensitivity, dB /W /m

Impedance, Ohm 4+4
Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 30
Vas, L 91,785
Qms 7,021
Qts 0,738
Qes 0,825
Xmax, mm 10,15
Recommended amount of net Wl, l 33,98
Recommended amount of FFL Net, l 42,48
Recommended size of the port, diameter (mm) x length (mm) 100x254
Mounting Depth, mm 155
Weight, g 5410
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