Nonpro front

Technical features

SP 4.80 AB

Output power:  
At 4 Ohms, nominal power, W 80 x 4
At a load of 2 Ohms, the rated power, W 120 x 4
At a load of 1 Ohm, nominal power, W
At 4 Ohms, rated power in bridged connection, W 240 x 2
At a load of 2 ohms, the rated power in bridged connection, W
LFF, Hz 50-5000
HPF Hz 50-5000
Bass booster, dB 0-6-12
Signal/noise >88
Gain range, In 0.2-6.0
Total harmonic distortion 0.01%
Frequency range, Hz 20-20000
Dimensions, mm 390х214х50

LL6.5 (4 Ohm)

Size, inches A 6.5"(167mm)
Frequency range, Hz 95-14 000
Coil diameter, inches 1.4
The material of the diffuser Molded pulp
Material suspension Fabric
The magnet material Ferrite
Nominal power, W 150
Power peak 300
Coil resistance, Ohm 4.0
Basket type Stamped
Sensitivity, dB 95
Installation depth, mm 70
Installation diameter, mm 145
Weight, gr 1435

ND 25S

Model name ND 25S
Type tweeter
The size of the tweeters 1"(25.4 mm) silk dome and neodymium magnet
The dimensions of the magnet of the tweeter 24,5х3мм
The voice coil of the tweeter 25mm ASV
Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 2500
Nominal power, W 70
Maximum power, W 140

Frequency range, Hz

2500-24 000
Sensitivity, dB/W/m 93
Impedance, Ohm 4
Speaker weight, g 50

PK 48

Installation kit for 4 channel amp

Package includes:

  • Power cable (8AWG) 5 meters elastic Mat
  • Ground cable (8AWG) 1 meter
  • The bulb fuse type AGU
  • Speaker cable with transparent insulation marked for speaker connections (16 AWG) 10m.
  • Interconnect cable 2RCA/2RCA 5m.
  • Balanced wire 5m.
  • The connectors for the speakers with insulation: 8 PCs.
  • O-shaped terminal insulation: 1 PCs, U-shape terminal with insulation: 1 piece; mounting Screws bulb guard: 2 pieces
  • Tie wire: 10 PCs
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