PRO 693

id: 9810572

Technical features

Coaxial audio system with a diffuser of cellulose with an organic spraying.


Model Name PRO 693
Type 3 way coaxial-x
Woofer size 6X9 "(163x235mm)
Woofer magnet size 100x60x20mm
Woofer magnet weight, g 850
Woofer's voice coil 50mm TIL + CCAW
Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 60
Surround Butyl rubber
Mid size 2,5 "(57mm) to PEI diaphragm and neodymium magnet
Mid magnet size 45x22x7mm
Mid magnet weight, g 42
Mid's voice coil 13mm KSV
Tweeter size 0,5 "(13mm) with mylar diaphragm and neodymium magnet
Tweeter magnet size 39x22,5x7mm
Tweeter magnet weight, g 27
Tweeter's voice coil 13mm KSV

General :

Rated power, W 150
Maximum power, W 300
Frequency response, Hz 60-20 000
Sensitivity, dB /W /m 94
Impedance, Ohm 4
Installation depth 3,43 "(87mm)
Weight, g 2580
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