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id: 2013723
Model Kicx ZT-12
Size, inches (mm) 12 (312мм)
Coil diameter, inches 2,5
The material of the diffuser Cellulose
Material suspension Foam rubber
The magnet material Ferrite
Nominal power, W 500
Peak power, W 1000
Coil resistance, Ohm 2+2
Sensitivity, dB Of 88.5 (+/-2)
Installation depth, mm 175
Installation diameter, mm 280
Weight, gr 10470
Resonance frequency, Hz 31,6
Electrical q factor 0,41
The mechanical quality factor Of 4.51
Full quality 0,38
Equivalent capacity, l 28,4
Relative stiffness, mm 0,09
The mass of the moving system, C 227,9
Active winding resistance, Ohm 4.0
The inductance of the voice coil mH 3,12
Active mechanical resistance of the head, kg/s 12,2
The coefficient of magnetic induction, m 23,1
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