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Model Name PRO-POWER 301D
Size, inches (mm) 12" (300)
Diffuser material unpressed cellulose
Surround material foam rubber
Basket cast Aluminum Cast
Rated power, W 1250
Maximum power, W 2500
Magnet size, mm 200x100x20, triple
Magnet weight, r 7776
Voice coil diameter, ounces (mm) 3" (76 mm) BASCAW, double, aluminum frame, 4-layer winding, wire diameter 0,65mm
Frequency response, Hz 30-600
Sensitivity, dB /W /m 88,6
Impedance, Ohm 1 +1
Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 30
Vas, L 38,24
Qms 5,471
Qts 0,391
Qes 0,421
Xmax, mm 20
Recommended amount of net Wl, l (mm) 38 (420mm x 370mm x 330mm)
Recommended amount of FFL Net L (mm) 42 (550mm x 350mm x 320mm)
Recommended size of the port, diameter (mm) x length (mm) 110x250
Mounting Depth, mm 205
Weight, g 16500
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