Installation Studio Autosound "Audioboom"

The car was created with the aim of increasing the number of fans of car audio, and participated as a demo car at many car events and meetings, every time I collected a large number of curious onlookers, not because of it "cut down" the bass as from many others, and it "sounded". At a distance of 20 meters is good listen to the frequency.

Sabove link barely fit in this little car. The sound pressure level in casual mode(not in competition) is 142,6 DB.

Box under the subs 110 litres 2 pro300, fazoinvertor 200mm pipe, looking in the right wing. Made in the shape of the bottom of the plywood, the upper part of the box out of fiberglass. 2 AGM battery 75ач connected in parallel. GU DDX Kenwood 3051. Doors and stands for tweeters made of fiberglass, covered with skin.

Used only materials kicx, vibroisolation, cables, terminals, and distributors.