DRC-4 и приемник RFC-2

id: 2069008

Technical features

The end user of any of the SC amplifier can ask your dealer to program and store in nonvolatile memory up to 4 different settings of the amplifier with the aim of listening to various music genres (e.g. POP, ROCK, JAZZ, etc.) in accordance with their auditory preferences.

To switch between the 4 stored in memory amplifier user settings, you need to purchase a set of wireless remote control DRC-4, and receiver for radio RFC-2 (this kit is optional and standard on amplifiers not included).

Wireless keychain DRC-4 is used to switch between the 4 stored in memory amplifier user settings. Receiver for radio RFC-2 is connected to the input RJ-45 amplifier after the process of programming and acts as the wireless receiver from the remote control DRC-4.

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