QS 1.3000M Black Edition

id: 2069033

Technical features


Model name QS 1.3000 Black Edition
The number of channels 1
Amplifier class D
Rated power at 4 Ohms 1000W x1
Rated power at 2 Ohms 1500W x 1
Nominal power at 1 Ohm 2500W x1
Rated power at 0.5 Ohm 3500Вт x1
Rated power @ 1 Ohm (twin 2 piece) 5000Вт x 1
Stable work load 0.5 Ohm
Frequency range 10Hz-220Гц
Total harmonic distortion (THD) 0,10%
Input sensitivity 0.2 V~5V
Input impedance 100 Ohms
Damping factor > 100
Signal/noise >75dB
Frequency and steepness of the cutoff of the LPF 40~220/24 dB
Bass booster 30~80Hz/0~12dB
Subsonic 10~50 Hz/18dB
Efficiency, %, 4 Ohms 85
Fee Board type is FR4 double mounting with epoxy coating and SMD components
Protection overheat, overload, short circuit, voltage drop
Dimensions, mm (Chhvhg) 228x53x552
Country of origin China
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