HeadShot 3500 Sport Mode

id: 2069064

Technical features

In this modification HS 3500 there is no protection for the clip. Model HS3500 is ideal for participants of various competitions in auto Sound, where it is necessary to obtain the maximum result in sound pressure. Limited edition.

Model name HS3500 Sport Mode
The number of channels 1
Amplifier class D
Rated power @ 4 Ohm, W 1200 x 1 (THD<1%)
Rated power @ 2 Ohm, W 2000 x 1 (THD<1%)
Rated power @ 1 Ohm, W 3500 x1 (THD<1%)
Rated power @ 1 Ohm when paired with two amplifiers, W 6000Вт x1 (THD<1%)
Efficiency @ 4 Ohms 85%
Stable work load 1 Ohm
Frequency range, Hz 15~250
Input sensitivity, 0,2~8
The signal-to-noise ratio, DB >85
The range of filter LPF, Hz (18dB/Oct) 40~250
Phase adjustment 0 - 180 °
Bass, DB 0 - 12
Subsonic, Hz (18dB/Oct) 15~50
Dimensions, mm (Chhvhg) 538X226X56
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