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Technical features

1-channel subwoofer amplifier


Model name KAP 3M
The number of channels 1
Amplifier class A/B
Rated power at 4 Ohms 200W x 1
Rated power at 2 Ohms 200W x 1
Nominal power at 1 Ohm 380Вт x 1
Nominal power at 1 Ohm when paired with two amplifiers 600W x 1
Stable work load 1 Ohm Stereo
Frequency range 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion (THD) @ 1kHz (4 ohms)

Input sensitivity 0.15 V~5V
Input impedance 47kω
Power consumption (4 Ohms) 18A
Signal/noise >100 dB
Frequency and steepness of the cutoff of the LPF crossover 30~250/24 dB switchable
Suppression filter super low frequency (subsonic) 15~75Hz/18dB
Photocollector 0 ~ 180
Dangerousi factor more than 200
Bass booster ( c additional remote control function) 0~18dB/45Hz
The fuse rating 2x25A
Admissible working voltage range 10.8 V ~ 15,6 IN
Operating temperature range (-)20C ~ (+)80C
Dimensions, mm(Chhvhg) 250x55x300
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