Gorilla Bass by Kicx 10000

Made in Brazil brazil
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Technical features

Output power: 10000
At a load of 2 ohms, the power rating of 12.6 6000Вт
At a load of 2 ohms, a nominal power of 14.4 -
At 1 Ohm, rated power, 12,6 10000Вт
At 1 Ohm, rated power 14.4 V 13000Вт
Frequency range 18hz – quality 8KHz
The low-pass filter (at 12dB / octave) 18hz – quality 8KHz
Subsonic (at 12dB per octave) 18hz – 120Hz
Weight 13,52 Kg
Current consumption 12-14V
Minimum speaker impedance 1 Ohm
Fuse 476A
Size (cm) 75,18x6,35x25,66
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