Angry Ant 4.85

id: 2062025

Technical features

4-channel amplifier

Model name Angry Ant 4CH
Features 4 channel
Output power At 4 ohms, rated power 4 X 85V
The output power At a load of 2 ohms, the rated power N/A
Frequency range 20Hz-25kHz (at 4 ohms, +/-0.5 dB)
Speaker impedance 4,8 Ohm
Input sensitivity, 0.6 V ~ 10V
Frequency and steepness of the cutoff of filters: low-pass filter (LPF) 35-250Hz/12dB per Octave.
THE HIGHPASS FILTER (HPF) 35-250Hz/ 12dB per Octave
Subsonic (Subsonic) -
Bass booster (Bass Boost) x
Channel separation >55dB
The signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) >90dB
Total harmonic distortion (at 1W) <0.05%
Current consumption 11-16V DC
Dimensions Shudh 7.85 cm x 3.55 cm x 15 cm
Weight 0.6
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