STQ 252B

id: 2013714

Technical features

Subwoofer STQ 252B enclosed in a casing of rectangular shape, with dimensions of just 21cm x 43cm x 37cm, became one of the most miniature subwoofers, making it extremely convenient location that allows you to choose to install any convenient location. Subwoofer speaker is protected by the arcs (grill) that allows you to safely install in the boot of the car. You can connect a 1 Ohm and 4 Ohms, which makes it more versatile.

Like all subwoofers line Kicx, features simple design, good price-quality ratio.


Speaker size 10"
Rated power 300 W
Maximum power 500 W
The impedance 2+2 Ohms
Frequency range 35-2000 Hz
Diameter voice coil 2"
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