QS 300

id: 2013302

Technical features

Subwoofer open-type

High-tech subwoofer for professional installations. Very deep bass, great design of the diffuser and die-cast aluminum basket will decorate the end result with any installation. Dual coil with the recommended power 2 x 350 watts with separate enable, or 800 watts at 2 ohms when used with a pulsed monoblock.


Model name QS 300
Size, inches(mm) 12" (305)
The material of the diffuser unpressed cellulose
Material suspension foam rubber
Basket cast aluminum
Nominal power, W 700
Maximum power, W 1200
Diameter of magnet mm 156
Magnet weight, oz (g) 63 + 50 (1800 + 1420)
Diameter voice coil, oz(mm) A 2.5" (63.5 mm) BAEISV, double
Frequency range, Hz 27-1000

Sensitivity, dB/W/m

Impedance, Ohm 4+4
Resonance frequency Fs, Hz 27
Vas,l 58
Qms 3,872
Qts 0,505
Qes 0,581
Xmax,mm 14,3
Recommended GIA net volume,l 28,32
Recommended phia net volume,l 33,98
Recommended port size, D-R (mm)XA (mm) 76x203
Mounting depth, mm 200
Speaker weight, g 8990

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