Sound Civilization T26

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The tweeters with the most accurate and neutral transmission of the upper frequencies, which incorporates all the advantages of silk emitters.

The geometry of the domes and special impregnation managed to completely eliminate the deformation of the radiating surface when operating at high frequencies. As a result, speakers have no early decline in the impact and loss of detail upstairs sound range, easily and in detail convey all the nuances of sound and efficient work of up to 24 kHz, this allows you to use them including in systems-oriented formats Hi-Res Audio.

Emit tweeters have a dome with a diameter of 25 mm and confidently work at the lower edge of the allotted frequency range consisting of not only three but also two-way systems.

Technical features

  • Perfectly suited for both two-way and three audio systems.
  • The most accurate and neutral transmission of the upper frequencies.
  • Special treatment to remove deformities of the radiating surfaces.
  • High detail upstairs sound range.
  • Confident work from 600 Hz.

Mounting diameter of tweeter

2.32"/ 59 mm (with plastic ring)
1.73"/ 44 mm (with plastic ring)

The dimensions of the magnet dynamics, mm


The voice coil of the tweeter

25 mm ASV

The maximum rated power, W:


Frequency range, Hz


Impedance, Ohm


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