Headshot TW NEO-37

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Headshot NEO TW-37 top tweeters in line for a HeadShot. TW NEO-37 revolutionary tweeters horn type that is designed using unique materials and design solutions. NEO TW-37 is the best embodiment of the latest ideas of designers of acoustic systems. Headshot NEO TW-37 the choice of professionals and enthusiasts for higher-level systems. NEO TW-37 will raise the sound of high frequencies to a completely new level.
The voice coil diameter 37.8 mm, for KSV-frame with a coil of aluminum wire will allow you to apply to the speaker, quite a lot of power
Aluminum basket installed membrane of Synthetic polymer-based polietilentereftalata, gives the whole structure a huge margin of safety.
Magnetic system with the use of complex materials NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron) a surprising positive impact on the character and speed of sound
Maximum output throughout the frequency range 2000-20000 Hz

Technical features

Model TW NEO-37
Type Tweeter horn type
Nominal power, W 60
Maximum power, W 120
Frequency range, Hz 2 000-20 000
Sensitivity, dB/W/m 106
Impedance, Om 4
Voice coil Ø 37.8 mm, for KSV-frame with a coil of aluminum wire
Membrane material Synthetic polymer-based polietilentereftalata
The size and magnet material 70x40x5mm (mm)/ NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron)
Basket material aluminium
Maximum diameter, mm 93
Installation depth, mm 39
Weight 1 dynamics, g 600
Kit, PCs 2

Installation dimensions

70мм 93мм 32мм 39мм 82мм
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