Headshot TW1

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Headshot TW1 tweeter is designed for accurate transmission of high and ultra-high frequencies greater than 20 kHz. The tweeters are used in a variety of acoustic systems high-level.

Size speakers will allow you to easily integrate these speakers in an acoustic system in your car
Diameter voice coil 32.4 mm will allow you to apply to the speaker and 120 Watts of power, which is for this type of dynamics is more than an excellent result!
Magnetic system using neodymium have a positive impact on the character and speed of sound
Maximum value in the whole frequency range Hz 2500-20000

Technical features

Model Headshot TW1
Frequency range, Hz 2500-20000
Coil size 32.4 mm
The magnet material Neodymium
Power RMS, W 60
MAX power, W 120
Coil resistance, Ohm 4
Sensitivity, dB 108

Installation dimensions

A, мм 72
B, мм 100
C, мм 43
D, мм 47
E, мм 80
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