HeadShot M65

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Headshot M65 this is an inexpensive set of speakers in the line-up a HeadShot, allowing you to get a greater volume at minimum cost. Headshot M65 is the upgraded version of the legendary speaker Kicx LL 6.5 ver.2, able to withstand even more power and with greater sensitivity.

Size 6.5 inches or 166 mm. easy to install in doors and catwalks of your car
Light weight mobile system
The magnetic system on the ferrite and tissue suspension a positive impact on the character and sound
Steel basket
Maximum value in the whole frequency range Hz 110-15000

Technical features

Model HeadShot M65
Size 6.5"(165 mm)
Frequency range, Hz 110-15000
The material of the diffuser Cellulose
The magnet material Ferrite
Nominal power, W 150
Peak power, W 300
Coil resistance, Ohm 4.0
Sensitivity, dB 100 (+-1)
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