Headshot LS65

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Headshot LS65 is a top of the line-up of speakers HeadShot

Universal size 6.5 inches or 166 mm. will allow you to easily install these speakers
Exorbitant sensitivity 95 dB says do to high volume
Diameter voice coil of 1.3 inches will allow the membrane to withstand up to 300 Watts of power at peak
A huge magnet system dynamics indicates the excellent pulse characteristics
The unique design and materials of the basket dynamics
Maximum value in the whole frequency range Hz 105-15000

Technical features

Model Head Shot LS-65
Size 6.5"(166 mm)
Frequency range, Hz 105-15000
Coil diameter, inches 1.3"
The material of the diffuser Cellulose
Material suspension Fabric
The magnet material Ferrite
Nominal power, W 150
Power peak 300
Coil resistance, Ohm 4.0
Basket type Aluminum
Sensitivity, dB 94 (+-1)
Installation depth, mm 73
Installation diameter, mm 146
Weight, gr 3200

Installation dimensions

E 158мм
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