All Headshot models are created under the motto "Choose your weapon" and these are not simple words. Years of experience in the design of pop systems, helped to find an exceptional balance of technical characteristics and cost of equipment. All Headshot speakers are suitable not only for everyday listening to your favorite music, but also for achieving excellent results in the world of “Autosound” sports. The use of high-quality and time-tested components allows the speakers to operate at high power for a long time and to maximize the frequency range assigned to them. The speakers of the Headshot line do not go unnoticed when designing audio systems for both professionals and ordinary enthusiasts. By purchasing Headshot acoustics, you can be sure of the right choice and not doubt the sound quality of your audio system. This is really your weapon!

  • Headshot TW1 NEW

    Power 60/120 Watts
    Frequency range 2500-20, 000 HZ

    70 $
  • HeadShot M65 NEW

    Power 150/300 Watts
    Frequency response 100-15 000 HZ

    38 $
  • Headshot DM80

    Power 200/400 Watts
    Frequency range 100-10 000 HZ

    42 $
  • Headshot F65

    Capacity 135/270, W
    Frequency range 110-15, 000 HZ

    36 $
  • Headshot LS65

    Power 150/300 Watts
    Frequency response 105-15, 000 HZ

    46 $
  • Headshot TW NEO-37

    Power 60/120 Watts
    The frequency range of 2000-20, 000 HZ

    103 $
  • HeadShot R65

    Power 150/300 watts frequency Range 110-15, 000 HZ

    59 $