PD 100

id: 2012015

Technical features

2-way coaxial sound system with a diffuser of cellulose c metallic coating and waterproof impregnation


Model name PD 100
Type 2 way coaxial
The material of the diffuser Polypropylene
Material suspension Rubber
Nominal size in mm 100
Nominal power, W 30
Peak power, W 100
Sensitivity, dB/W/m 90
Frequency range, Hz 98-20 000
Resistance, Ohm 4
The weight of The magnet,C 227
Tweeter,mm 30
The diameter of the sound coil, mm 19
Ostanovochnyy depth, mm 47
Set weight,kg 1,27

Installation dimensions

A, мм 92
B, мм 128
C, мм 44
D, мм 47
E, мм 116
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