PK 48

id: 2043006

Technical features

Installation kit for 4-channel amp, 8AWG power copper and aluminum cable 8AWG, fuse type AGU

Package includes:

  • 5m 8AWG power copper and aluminum cable blue color with matte elastic insulation Assembly c power O-ring terminal
  • 1m 8AWG power copper and aluminum cables with matte elastic insulation brown Assembly with a U-shaped terminal
  • 2х5м interconnect cable 2RCA/ 2RCA with straight connectors
  • 10m 16AWG copper-aluminum cable blue to connect the speakers
  • 5m 18 AWG wire management blue
  • O-shape terminal with insulation 1 PC.
  • U-shape terminal with insulation 2 PCs.
  • The connectors for the speakers with insulation 8 PCs.
  • Fuse holder 1pc AGU type.
  • 1x40A fuse type AGU
  • Mounting screws bulb guard 2 PCs
  • Ties zip wire wrap strap 10 PCs
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