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Technical features

Twisted pair is the best option for interconnecting cables of a high class. The geometry of the signal conductors, the distance between them, step lay – all is selected in such a way that the cable "Sound of Civilization" by Kicx had minimum linear capacity and inductance and have not made any changes to the form of the transmitted audio signal. The whole system of conductors consisting of a Central drain wire and a split-level screen with additional shielding of each conductor braid of the same coarse grain oxygen-free copper of high purity that are the core, provides uncompromised protection against external interference.

From a variety of materials for insulation, we chose the modified PVC, which minimizes the effects of dielectric absorption and nonlinear polarization, which is especially noticeable at small signal levels and a positive effect on the system resolution. This material is soft, durable, retains its properties at high temperature and ideal for road conditions.

Interconnect cable "Sound of Civilization" by Kicx is the living embodiment of knowledge, experience and creativity, so you can listen to music without distortion and with the highest resolution.

Length,m 5
  • The special symmetrical geometry of the conductors gives the cable high noise immunity
  • Conductors and the primary coarse screen is made of oxygen-free copper of high purity
  • Core insulation made of modified PVC, with no effects of the dielectric absorption and nonlinear polarization does not reduce the resolution of the transmitted signal
  • The system of the Central conductors drain wire and duplex of the screen protects against external interference
  • Anti-corrosion plated RCA tips for reliable contact with minimal transfer resistance
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