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Technical features

  • 1RCA-1RCA interconnect cable CCH MTR15
  • copper conductor
  • twisted pair
  • triple PVC insulation
  • direct short tips
  • corrosion-resistant coating on the RCA tips
  • Length 5 meters

Below we give You some events and tips on when to buy 1-channel 1RCA-1RCA cable MTR15

  • Each channel connect to a car amplifier or separate subwoofer 1RCA-1RCA cables is almost 100% exclude electrical and other interference ( including interference between multiple conductors that have a common external insulation) arising in the process of operation. The conductor of each 1RCA-1RCA cable is multi-layered exterior insulation unlike cases, for example, 2RCA-2RCAили 4RCA-4RCA cable in which several conductors laid in the channel with one common outer insulation.
  • If Your expensive multi-channel cable has failed on channel 1 - just buy 1 channel 1RCA-1RCA cable MTR15 and connect it instead of the failed channel. It's much cheaper than to buy new expensive multi-channel cable.
  • Many modern stereos at the present time to connect the subwoofer has only 1RCA output. To connect subwoofer to the reciever use 1 channel 1RCA-1RCA cable MTR15 and buy 2-channel RCY-type splitter cable-1 RCA“mum” - 2 RCA “father” ( e.g. ARCA02M) to connect outputs with 2 RCA inputs of the subwoofer.
  • If Your multichannel system requires non-standard other connection such as 2-or 4-channel, simply acquiring the required number of 1-channel 1RCA-1RCA cables MTR15. It's much easier than spending time to find the right multi-channel cable.
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