Tornado Sound OFC 14100RB

id: 2040095

Technical features

Professional speaker cable line Sound Tornado in the Bay on a wooden spool of 14AWG caliber OFC14100RB.
The main technical features of the cable include a conductor made of pure copper and the insulation is made of special flexible polymer based on silicone.
The cable is completely manufactured in the factory under strict quality control.

  • Description: two-wire speaker cable pure oxygen-free copper of 99.99%
  • Specification conductor: 3*56*0.12 mm*2 diameter of 1.56 mm*2, the area of the cores of 1.90 mm2*2
  • Outer diameter: 3.5 mm x7 0mm
  • Insulation: soft silicone red/black
  • Bay: 100 metres
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