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Technical features

Professional speaker cable line Sound of Civilization at Bay.

The main technical features of the cable include conductor of pure copper, the main insulation, made of special flexible polymer based rubber, which is a rarity in the production of cables for car audio systems and an additional braid black and red color polyester type “ snakeskin”.

The cable is completely manufactured in the factory, including professional stretch braid type “snakeskin” on the main insulation using a special tool.

  • Professional speaker cable 16GA Sound Civilization
  • oxygen-free copper of 99.9%
  • two-wire tin-plated speaker cable
  • soft black insulation, sleeving type "snakeskin" black-red
  • 25*0.2 mm*2, the diameter of 1.29 mm
  • area of 1.31 sq. mm
  • The Bay is 100 meters
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