SRG-130-2 (Renault 2013-)

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Technical features

The set of transition rings with mounting accessories for installing speakers, diameter 130 mm in the normal place at the back door of the car Renault Logan 2013 model year.


  • Plastic adapter rings 13cm – 2.
  • Adapter cable 15cm/0.5 mm2 with connector Scotchlock 558 to connect the speakers -2 PCs.
  • Bolts M6*25 DIN933 -6 PCs.
  • Lock washer DIN127 M6-6 PCs.
  • Reinforced washer DIN9021 M6 - 12pcs.
  • Nut M6 DIN 934 - 6pcs.
  • Screw 3.5*20 PZ - 8pcs.
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